Clean Your Facebook Profile From Vulgar Content With FaceWash

A new application is developed by Kent University's researchers for Facebook. The app name is FaceWash. It allows you to clean up your Facebook profile from bad content like embarrassing and vulgar. FaceWash comes with a precompiled list of words that may be considered offensive or alarming to those viewing your social history.

Steps To Do:

1. First of all go to FaceWash app official page by clicking here.
2. Now click on "Get Started".
3. Now pop-up will appear and Click "Go to app".
4. After that do all the steps that you did with other apps.
5. At last just click on "Start".

This service scans your posts, comments, likes, photos and warns you. With FaceWash you can also add your own keyword by clicking "Enter Custom search links'" on next to Start button. FaceWash will perform a search and return results in conceptual chunks, for example "Comments posted on your wall" and "Links that you have liked." Each result has a blue, clickable link that takes you directly to the post. There you can delete or privatize your post as desired.


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