Some Commonly used Short Expressions on Facebook

ASAP      As Soon As Possible
GN         Good Night
M/F        Are You Male or Female?
ASL        Tell me your Age,Sex and Location
IDK         I don’t Know
SD          Sweet Dreams
BRB        Be Right Back
JK           Just Kidding
Tnx         Thanks
BTW        By The Way
K              Okay
TY           Thank You
ROFL       Rolling on Floor Laughing
LOL         Laugh out Loud
TTYL      Talk to you later
FYI          For Your Information
LMAO     Laugh My Ass Out
WTF       What The F**k
FB           Facebook
LMFAO   Laugh my f**king ass off
WTH       What the hell
GM          Good Morning
LMK        Let Me Know
zzz           Sleeping
BFF         Best Friends Forever
Jk           Just kidding
B4          Before
L8          Late
gr8         great

plz         please

sry        sorry

bbz       babes

kk         okay

kl          cool
yoyo      your on your own.

smh       shaking my head

rofllmao  rofl and lmao together

kma        kiss my ass


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