How to Update Strangers Status in Facebook

 NOTE : Now this post is just for educational purpose you should attempt this on any innocent as this would be a serious crime.



Follow the below steps to Update Status in Facebook .:

1. The trick we are going to use here is from the post .: Sending Fake SMS
2. you need to know how to send fake SMS so check the above post and then follow the below steps .:
3. Now you know about the SMSGLOBAL from the above post just open the send SMS to number from SMSGLOBAL Dashboard like Below and put .:
+919232232665 in the Send SMS To Field.
+91xxxxxxxxx in the Sender id From field ( this is your victims number ).
4. This trick only works if victim has registered his mobile number to get notifications from Facebook so to get the victims number if he is your friend just go to the info tab on his profile and get the number from the mobile number section.
5. Now add this number to the Sender id From field.
6. Now head over to message adding field and type the funny message you want victims current status to be.
7. After adding the message just check all the fields should be right and make sure you have added +91 before both the numbers above now just click the Blast !!!Button oh I mean Send Button and see the magic.
8. Now go to and check your victims current status , now you know what to do just comment and Like his status to encourage him.


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