Detect Invisible Friends on Facebook

Follow the below steps to Reveal Invisible Friend .:

Detect Invisible Friends on FacebookInvisible friends means he is online but the status he has applied for all of you is offline, so we are going to reveal him in front of you that he is online but not offline. This can be really helpful if he is cheating with you or doing some nasty work.
So what we are going to do is use a simple Gaming application to reveal his online/offline status. So its really dam !!! easy to do but one time you have to make him play that game.


1. Open and Sign in with your Credentials.
2. Now click on this link to play TEXAS HoldEM POKER BY ZYNGA
3. Now you have to invite your friend to play this game with you, so send him an invitation.
4. Now you just force him to play the once with you and that’s it now the app is approved by him.
5. Now anytime you want to see your invisible friend you can open this app and than Poker will see through his profile and tell you if he is Online but playing Poker , so you get the point its that easy.


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