How to Get Fake Traffic on your Website

How to Get Fake Traffic on WebsiteNow this post will really attract your attention because its going to boost your website ranking and its awesome because, we are going to do this with a small piece of software so just read whole post to see how it works and simply download the software and use it for your own website.
I Faker Pro is a software which drives Fake Visitor on your website hence boosting your Alexa and Google ranking, first of all thanks to a reader on our Blog named Damiie who requested for this software in our Request Section, you can also request any software and I will try to provide it as soon as possible.
The thing is really simple it uses some proxy list to get different visitors from different IP who are totally fake, so its really an awesome software.

Follow the Below Steps to see how I Faker Pro Works .:

1. Download I Faker Pro Full Version Software
2. Now after downloading Run the Setup and you don’t need to inset any serial because it will ask for serial after 3 days.
3. Now after installation open the software and you will see something like below .:

4. Now follow the steps as mentioned in the above image .:
  1. Enter your website URL on which you wanna drive Fake Visitors.
  2. Now choose the Proxy list, you can use their default proxy list which works fine but if you wanna add yours than click on add list and choose manually, for this tutorial we will stay on default.
  3. Now choose how many visitors in Hour or let it be 0 for the unlimited traffic.
  4. And now choose the referrer as Random Google referrer and click on Start to get fake visitors on your website.
5. That’s it now you will see results getting popped up and you will be getting fake visitors instantly like below .:

6. So that’s it now you can run this for whole day to get more and more traffic from all over the world.


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