How to Create Free Wordpress Site with Free Hosting

Wordpress is a renowned blogging platform that could be used to create tech or any niche blogs for sharing your knowledge with people all over the world. The best part part is you can even create some nice static websites and run your business online. As you know wordpress is already available for free but you need to purchase a nice hosting package to host all the contents online, but today we will show you an easy way to host your wordpress site for free with unlimited free hosting package.

Free Wordpress Site with Hosting

SignUp-for-Free-Hosting-MyspanSo now follow below steps and sign up for a website and then you can upload your wordpress software onto it and enjoy.
  1. Register @
  2. You will see a registration form like on the right hand side.
  3. Simply enter all the valid details to get the registration successful.
  4. Make sure you enter valid email address as you need to verify through that link, you can also use sometemporary mail service to stay away from spam if you think so.
  5. Now when your registration will be successful you will see a success page and you will get a verification email.
  6. cpanelAfter you have successfully verified your account you will see your Cpanel details, showing you your Cpanel link and other details like on the right hand side.
  7. Now click on the Cpanel like in the image on the right and remember your username and the password that you might have kept at the time time of Signing Up for the account.
  8. softtacluousSo now you need to choose the domain name, either you can select the one you have already purchased using Bigrock or whatever, or you can also go for a free domain name. Or you can go with free domain name.
  9. You will see an image like on the right click on that image.
  10. You will land on the scripts page, there you will see Wordpress on the top list.
  11. Install wordpress from there, now you need to enter few details as below.
  12. Make sure to leave ‘In Directory’ as empty ( *Important )
    in directory
  13. Now enter your site name and description as you like.
  14. Now just enter the admin username and password you want to use for your wordpress site or blog.
  15. Choose your advanced options to make some advanced modifications.
  16. Now if everything went well, you can install your wordpress.
  17. Now add ‘/wp-admin’ in your domain to log in to your website and you also need to enter the captcha image.
  18. Now you can login and manage your wordpress website

Stream Torrent Movies Online using Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time Online Movie Streaming Service
Movie enthusiasts can indulge given that the release of Popcorn Time. Undoubtedly, it was never ever so simple to browse and stream any movie. Wait till the movie lastly completed downloading is not needed, when you click "Watch Now" the movie will certainly begin in 30 seconds. Well this could also be done using the ROX Player which we posted earlier that could be utilized on Windows Platform.

Advantages of Using Popcorn Time Online Service

  • Offer of countless nationwide and global movies in high quality.
  • Offered for Windows, Mac and Android.
  • Super user friendly user interface just like that of Netflix.

How to Use Popcorn Time Online Movie Streaming Service

Right away after downloading and brief setup you have direct access to all material. You will promptly see a list of recommendations and you movies and series search by classification and appeal. Do you understand the title of a movie currently, you can this through the 'Search' to discover promptly. You can learn more about the movie, view a trailer, identify image quality (approximately 1080P HD) and choose Dutch subtitles. This so you do not need to download it individually, as in Spotnet frequently has to be done!
Direct starts Popcorn Time your movie making use of peers (divisors of these torrents) to download the material. A little buffer is conserved so that the movie efficiently and quality begins to play. Throughout movie playback, you share it once again instantly with other users. That makes this software application so best for everybody.
It is illegal to utilize this software application, both seeing the material in addition to parts of it is restricted under Dutch law. All connections go with a VPN (Virtual Private Network), makings the users continue to be confidential. Everything you download is saved in a secret folder and view after deletes instantly. Are you still figured out, attempt and delight in the following:
  • For use on all Android Smartphones and Tablets (use WiFi).
  • Material sharing Chromecast.
Popcorn Time is a brand-new option - developed in Buenos Aires - to see brand-new movies in high quality, without needing to wait (or discover) downloads. That's the concept behind the service is to provide us a basic online search engine with a good user interface. However behind all this? We have a customer Torrents that are taking a look at recognized trackers (like Piratebay) for the most recent movies. And barely depend on a piece of movie, the application will certainly begin stream.
watch movies online on android or windows
Yeah, possibly very little varies from a traditional torrent customer in functions, however the discussion and ease of use is exactly what distinguish the app from the rest. Merely simply click the movie we desire, then click "Watch it Now, "wait a minute.
In my tests - you understand, "for science" - the wait time was 30-45 seconds per movie, however rather depends upon the quality of each connection. This preliminary time is needed to download the preliminary parts of the torrent.
For the "experienced" source is Yify videos. Not the very best quality, however it discusses the quick download/buffering in basic.
As discussed at the start, it's all in the discussion. This is something you get with torrents, torrent websites and downloading subtitles by hand. What sets Popcorn Time, is that this amounts it 2 clicks: one to play the movie, another to make it possible for subtitles.So overall I guess its going to be a nice experience for you all browsing and streaming new movies right away without waiting for the whole movie to be downloaded onto your system, well if you face any problem do remark below.

Clean Your Facebook Profile From Vulgar Content With FaceWash

A new application is developed by Kent University's researchers for Facebook. The app name is FaceWash. It allows you to clean up your Facebook profile from bad content like embarrassing and vulgar. FaceWash comes with a precompiled list of words that may be considered offensive or alarming to those viewing your social history.

Steps To Do:

1. First of all go to FaceWash app official page by clicking here.
2. Now click on "Get Started".
3. Now pop-up will appear and Click "Go to app".
4. After that do all the steps that you did with other apps.
5. At last just click on "Start".

This service scans your posts, comments, likes, photos and warns you. With FaceWash you can also add your own keyword by clicking "Enter Custom search links'" on next to Start button. FaceWash will perform a search and return results in conceptual chunks, for example "Comments posted on your wall" and "Links that you have liked." Each result has a blue, clickable link that takes you directly to the post. There you can delete or privatize your post as desired.

How to Pay BSNL Landline & Broadband Bill Online

Well if you are from India, then possibility is that you might be using BSNL broadband service for your all Internet activities, as its much more economical then any other internet service in India. So with its landline and broadband in combination its not the best option but still its works good and its cheap too, so people using it has too normally line up in queues every month to pay its bill. And due to more public the queues are long and we have to wait for hours in line for our turn to come.
Now if you are normally related to internet line then you might be holding a debit card or credit card for online shopping, well you are lucky that this company even provides an easy way to pay our bills online easily.

Pay BSNL Bills Online without Registration

Well the best thing I liked about BSNL is that they do not have any login or signup page for online transaction you just need to enter your all details from phone number to account number you are assigned with your landline number and that's it it will display your details and amount you need to pay.
So now check out below easy steps for paying your bills online easily.
  1. Visit BSNL Online Payment Portal website.
  2. Now enter details like landline number, account number, mobile number and your valid email DI that will receive receipt for your payment. (you can get your account number from your BSNL Bill you received, check top image)
  3. Now hit Submit Button to process your request.
  4. Now your request will be processed and you will be taken to the page where you will see every detail about your account, name, amount details and other stuff.
  5. Just check if account matches your account and then choose the method of payment.
  6. Now you will see a popup just press OK.
  7. So now you will be taken to the payment page where you will be asked to choose Debit Card, Credit Card or whatever you wanna choose just select that, I chose Debit Card as my payment method and got bank names like below.
  8. So now just choose your bank name and click on Submit.
  9. bsnl-billing-recieptNow you will be taken to the billdesk secure server website where you need to enter your debit card details, so enter everything and click Process.
  10. So now you can easily process your payment, now after your payment has been received you will get the receipt that will be mailed to you too.
  11. So now you can print this receipt too for your personal record.
  12. That's it, your bill has been paid without even standing in any queues and wasting your time.

Facebook Offering Free Antiviruses for PC - Mac & Mobile

Well as obviously facebook being the best and widest social networking website, hackers have a nice chance of bypassing users credentials using some bad phishing attacks and other hacking tricks, but facebook always tries to coop up with the situation and try to provide some easy ways to get through them, as earlier they provided an easy way to report phishing attacks to them + providing everyone with a free security suite to protect their PC against these malwares and enjoy and safe facebook environment.
But well earlier they provided only few security suites but now they have updated their page with more security products protecting your PC, Mac and Mobile devices.
free-antivirus free-antivirus free-antivirus free-antivirus
free-antivirus free-antivirus free-antivirus free-antivirus
free-antivirus free-antivirus free-antivirus free-antivirus
So now the basic reason behind these free antivirus solutions from facebook is that they want everyone to have a safe workout at facebook, as facebook even deals in credits system, so people who might be doing some transaction can be caught into the trap of these scam personalities, so they want everyone to have antivirus installed on their pc, so if you cannot purchase antivirus fro any reason you can now avail it for free.
You can even go for the best Antivirus solution that has not been mentioned in the above security page and that too for free known as "Bitdefender", well it is regarded as the best premium security solution in fact I am using that and I am really satisfies, so they have now introduced a free version you can can get that too from here. So now just download whatever security suite you like from the link above and then like their page and protect your pc for free, if you seriously love your friends do share this deal with them too.

Unlock your PC in Android Style with XUS PC Pattern lock

Android got popular with one major feature ramped by its creator the pattern lock, well the way you design your own pattern and unlock your device is great, so its much more memorable and can used by anyone. Well that same feature was even taken down into iPhone but not officially but through the medium of Cydia making unofficial entry.
Well if you too a die hard fan of that pattern lock, then you are lucky that we have an application that does the same job for your Windows PC, yes that's right no you can easily unlock your PC designing your set pattern on screen with mouse.
XUS PC Lock takes your PC locking and security to a new level, with its easy user interface you can easily set your pattern and execute it on the go. So for additional security they even allow you to add a password, so in an case you forget your pattern you can still access your PC by entering your specified password.
So now this thing even looks better than that older password promoting dialog, few dots on the screen and pattern drawn through your mouse can easily get your desktop back to you. So they have strictly warned about making sure that you have set a additional password so in any case you forget your pattern you can access your pc.
Now this little is not provided for free but it costs like $19.95 but yes you can give it a try by downloading its trial version. So just download it from the link on the right and have fun, do share your experiences below.

Glass Notepad : Notepad with Aero Effect in Windows

Aero effect in windows 7 took its OS to a new level where people enjoyed there work with these awesome user interface. Well I have even posted about a new tool that gives you that same transparency aero effect in windows 8, and you all know about Notepad the awesome program that helps us record our daily ideas easily and save them as it is. Well a person named Tyler J created another version of Notepad bringing Aero Transparent effect to it, well now the status bar was already having this effect with universal applicability of Aero effect but now the whole body of notepad is transparent as you can see in the above image.
So now this little tool is provided as a simple .exe file, so you can just download the package from right hand side containing that file in a .zip package so extract it and just run it you will see transparent notepad running without any installation.

What's the use ?

Well according to me there is no good use of this tool, well its just for some nice effect, so if you have nice wallpapers on your desktop you will see that blurry image in its body and nothing much, so its up to you if you want to download this kind of effect and use it. Else it has few options which you can configure and use it to format your PC.

How to Automatically Poke Back Friends on Facebook

Poke is a feature led by facebook to get attention of any user, well you can compare it wit the Buzz option we had in Yahoo Chat, so we used to click on Buzz and then the other person's chat used to vibrate and make sounds to get their attention, its somewhat same but yes off course it does not make your screen vibrate but if leave a notification without any message or anything but just saying that person poked you and you can poke him back to say yes I remember you :)
So now manually poking back to many person's might be a big problem so we have simple solution to this thing by making this process automatic. Now we have two options by which you can make this thing automatic. The one is by using the chrome extension that will work only in chrome and the other one is Userscript that will work in both Chrome and Firefox.

Auto Poke Back using Chrome Extension

poke-all-for-chromeWell Poke All for Chrome extension gives you the possibility to poke all your friends back all together with one click. Well yes it even has that automatic feature which you can select and every poke will be reverted back automatically. So now you can install this extension only in chrome.
So now after installation just visit Facebook and click on this hand icon in your status bar now you c will see all your pokes you can select Auto Poke or just click on the Poke All option.

Auto Poke Back using UserScript

Well there is even a simple userscript that can be installed in Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser, so Facebook Autopoke userscript does the same job but its totally automatic. So you will need Greasemonkey installed in your Firefox browser to get this script working.

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